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Analytic Solution GIS Products sales.
CompuSense Automation GIS and Remote Sensing Applications services. Resource, landuse and urban infrastructure mapping.http://www.compusense.comAhmedabad
Global Surveys Land and Engineering Surveying Services to the Construction, Engineering and Legal sectors.http://www.globalsurvey.inAhmedabad
Indian Geomatics Research Institute Research and Training. GIS based software development and services in Business and Environment sector. http://www.isgindia.orgAhmedabad
Infinium Solutionz Pvt Ltd Municipal, Health, Forest, Tourism, Port Development, City Development Plan, etc. SCADA, LIDAR, 3D GIS. http://www.infiniumsolutionz.comAhmedabad
Naksha Surveying, GIS analysis, development and consulting. Total GIS life cycle implementation.http://www.naksha-solutions.comAhmedabad
PAM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. GIS, Remote Sensing, Engineering Solutions, GPS Survey, Application Development, Resource Mapping, Vehicle tracking.http://www.pamtech.bizAhmedabad
Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. Geomatics products and services. Indigenous GIS & Image Processing Software.
Buannel Geo Solutions and Services GIS , Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry solutions . http://www.buannelgeo.comAizawl
Webstrokes Remote Sensing and Utilities GIS.http://www.webstrokes.inAjmer
Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications CentreRemote Sensing
Geosysit (P) Ltd CAD/GIS Mapping, Surveying, Remote Sensing, Cadastral/Parcel Mapping, Thematic mapping, Image Processing, web-GIS & GIS applications. http://www.geosysitsolutions.comBelgaum
EcoCapita Consulting GIS & remote services.  http://www.ecocapita.inBhopal
Geo Resource and Infra DevelopersGeospatial services.http://www.gridindia.orgBhopal
National Centre for Human settlements & EnvironmentGIS & Remote Sensing and Survey. Training Courses.http://www.nchse.orgBhopal
Shristi Survey Consulting Pvt Ltd GIS, Remote Sensing Application, Image Processing. Topographical Survey, 3D mapping, data conversion etc.
VM Geotech GIS & remote sensing services. http://www.vmgeotech.comBhopal
CADCAM Academy Training & live project work On GIS & GPS system.
CaddHawk Training and GIS Serviceshttp://www.caddhawk.comBhubaneshwar
Divensi Solutions Pvt Ltd LIDAR & GIS. http://www.divensi.comBhubaneshwar
eNtropyInfo GIS and IT services.http://www.entropyinfo.comBhubaneshwar
Geo InfotechGIS and software development.http://www.geoinfotech.orgBhubaneshwar
Geomac Solutions (P) Ltd. GIS/GPS mapping, Conducting field survey, collection of data, Digitization, map creation & updation.http://www.geomacspl.comBhubaneshwar
Spatial Planning & Analysis Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.GIS, Engineering Services and Software Development. http://www.sparcindia.comBhubaneshwar
Ortech Solutions Photogammetry, LIDAR and GIS. http://www.ortechsolution.comBrahmapur
AVL ViewGeospatial and data centre development services. http://www.avlview.comCalicut
Universal Satellite Mapping Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS.
AK Services Photogrammetry, Ortho, 3D City Modelling, GIS, Remote Sensing and LIDAR Process. http://www.akservices.inChennai
Alavukol Data Mappers Pvt. Ltd. Terrain mapping, utility line mapping, water resource management and fleet management.
DSM Soft (P) Ltd. Geospatial & Engineering.http://www.dsmsoft.comChennai
Environmental & Geo Spatial SolutionsEnvironmental and GIS Consulting. http://www.egssindia.comChennai
Expert Technologies DGPS data, Digitisation of land record, Land information system, water resources management. http://www.experttechnologies.comChennai
Geo AdithyA Technologies Pvt Ltd GIS, Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Web GIS, ORTHO, BIM, CAD & DGPS Survey.http://www.geoadithya.comChennai
Geoconcept India FMCG, agrochemicals, pharma, banking, retail, automotive, and real estate industries for geomarketing and logistics. http://www.geoconcept.inChennai
Geofiny Technologies Pvt Ltd GIS, Remotesensing, Digital Photogrammetry, LIDAR and DGPS Survey http://www.geofiny.comChennai
GISbiz Technologies Pvt Ltd Oracle Spatial, ESRI’s ArcIMS, ArcGIS, Intergraph’s GeoMedia, GeoMedia Professional and GeoMedia Web Map, Bentley LDMx, etc. http://www.gisbiz.comChennai
Gridline Surveys GNSS for different purpose Asset management, Boundary Survey, POI Survey and Updation.http://www.gridlinesurveys.comChennai
Info Maps Sri Mangadu Kamatchi AmmanGIS Solutions, Survey, Publishing and Software Development.http://www.infomaps.inChennai
kCube Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. Geospatial services. http://www.kcubeconsulting.comChennai
Mailsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd Data Services and surveying.http://www.mailsoftsolutions.comChennai
Red Networks Pvt Ltd. CAD, GIS, Mapping, Photogrammetry & LIDAR services. http://www.rednetworks.inChennai
Red Planet Consulting Pvt. Ltd. GIS services and solutionshttp://www.redplanetconsulting.comChennai
SAKURA-GSR Geospatial software development, sale, Value added Certificate Course, UAV drone mapping, Remote Reality Sensors.http://www.sakuragsr.comChennai
Surryapps Consulting Training and Services in GIS, RS, and Surveying.http://www.surveyapps.inChennai
TTK Maps Surveying, GIS Data conversion, Digital Mapping and Web enabled and Stand alone GIS Solutions.http://www.ttkmaps.comChennai
Variac Systems Pvt Ltd Mapping, CAD and Digital Data services. http://www.variacsystems.comChennai
Velciti Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd.Geo-technical and geo-physical services.http://www.velciti.comChennai
ZMaps Geospatial India Pvt Ltd UAV/LIDAR and GIS projects. http://www.zmaps.inChennai
Zuppa (Sree Sai Aerotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd.)Geospatial Electronics, apps & software and Droneshttp://www.muav.inChennai
IDSi Technologies GIS Application Development, Data Modeling. Geodatabase Design & Implementation .http://www.idsiindia.comCochin
NeST Information Technologies GIS services for Utilities, Cadastral, Urban Planning, Plantation, Environmental and Natural Resources Management. http://www.nesttech.comCochin
Paradigm IT Ltd. Resource Mapping, data conversion, Remote Sensing, utility mapping, Photogrammetry and LIDAR etc.http://www.paradigm.inCochin
Rainybits Technology Private Limited Geospatial mobile and web application software http://www.rainybits.comCochin
SBL  Photogrammetry & UAV services.http://www.sblcorp.comCochin
SysGlob Software Solutions Private Limited Training and development of GIS solutions. http://www.sysglob.inCochin
Tresreis Technologies Pvt Ltd GIS application development. LIDAR, 3D GIS, consultancy projects, technical reporting. http://www.tresreisgroup.inCochin
GeoEdge Technologies Pvt Ltd. GIS solutions.http://www.geo-edge.comCoimbatore
J-Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Solutions & consultancy in Remote Sensing, GIS, Regional Planning, Urban Planning and Natural Resource Management.http://www.jtechindia.comCoimbatore
NEXT Techno Enterprises Pvt. Ltd GIS, Remote Sensing, Enterprise Geospatial framework development, WebGIS.http://www.nexttechnosolutions.comCoimbatore
Redleaf Technologies Pvt Ltd. GIS application development in Smallworld, ArcGIS, QGIS, AM, DGPS Survey, Utility Network Creation.http://www.redleaf.inCoimbatore
Ozaswi Geomatics Solutions Private Limited Geospatial, IT and CAD services.http://www.ogspl.comCuttack
Caldera Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Consulting in Geospatial, Geo-science Engineering, Mining & Hydropower, Infrastructure, Planning, Geological Excursion.http://www.calderasolutions.inDehradun
Devbhoomi Consulting (P) Ltd GIS and Remote sensing. Digitization of maps, creating land use maps, etc.http://www.dbcpl.comDehradun
SCIENCE GIS & Remote Sensing solutions.http://www.sciencepariwar.comDehradun
Adya Consulting Pvt. Ltd.Provider of GIS based IT Solutionshttp://www.adyait.inDelhi
AirSan Geographic Data Solution & Civil and Mechanical Designing along with Instrumentation Design.http://www.airsangeographic.comDelhi
Antils Geospatial Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Training, consultancy and advisory services in core Geospatial Science and Technology. http://www.geospatial-sciences.inDelhi
Anubhav Geospatial Tecnologies Pvt. Ltd. Mapping, Data Entry, Database Creation, Digitization, GPS Survey, Meter Reading, Data Verification and Manpower Supply.
Aryabhatt Geospatial Solution Pvt. Ltd. Geospatial solutions and serviceshttp://www.aryabhattasolutions.comDelhi
Astra Info Systems GIS and mapping services among the major services that the company offershttp://www.astrainfosystems.comDelhi
Caritas Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd.GIS based services and solutions for minicipal revenue enhancement, data collection and mapping serviceshttp://www.caritaseco.inDelhi
Compare Infobase Ltd Repositories of maps. Geospatial services and products.
Digitalsol Data Conversion and Migration, GIS Mapping and Digitization, GIS Based Asset Painting http://www.digitalsol.inDelhi
Geo Informatics Solutions GIS, photogrammetry, 2nd generation orthophotography, cadastral mapping, LIDAR and 3-D image modeling.  http://www.rsgeoinformatics.comDelhi
Geo Pixel Services Data for Agricultural (Acreage, Yield, Health Monitoring since last 20 years) and weather data (Rainfall data last 100 years and Temperature last 50 years)at Village, Panchayat, Block, Taluk, District, State level. http://www.geopixel.inDelhi
Geo Vision Infotech Private Limited CAD/GIS Mapping, Surveying, Remote Sensing.
GeoShot Technologies GIS, BIM, CAD and software development. AEC, infrastructure, natural resources, public safety, land administration, utilities and telecommunications industries. http://www.geoshott.comDelhi
IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Ltd.Geospatial solutions.http://www.ilfsenv.comDelhi
India Map store GIS and Vector Map Development Company. http://www.indiamapstore.comDelhi
InfoTech GIS, CAD, LIDAR & Photogrammetry. Application development and Web development. http://www.infotechenterprises.netDelhi
Inox Spatial Data & Services GIS & Cartography services.
IORA Ecological Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Environmental finance, policy advisory and project development in the field of Natural Resource Management. http://ioraecological.comDelhi
Janak Positioning Surveying instruments including RTK and Single-frequency GPS. http://www.janaksurvey.comDelhi
Kambill Systems Pvt Ltd UAV solutions.http://www.kambillsystems.comDelhi
Matrix Geo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Photogrammetry, GIS and 3D Hardware and software solutions.http://www.matrix-geo.comDelhi
Multimind Creations Geospatial Serviceshttp://www.multimindcreations.comDelhi
Neo Hi-Tech Mapping Technology Resources Pvt. Ltd.GIS and mapping serviceshttp://www.neohitechmtr.comDelhi
New GeoInfotech Pvt. Ltd. Map Digitization, Land Survey and Utilities Services in GIS.http://www.newgeoinfotech.inDelhi
Pan Tech World, LLC  GIS Geospatial Mapping, CAD Conversion Services, Geospatial Consulting.http://www.pantechworld.comDelhi
Parsan ConsultantsTopographical Survey & GIShttp://www.parsan.bizDelhi
Podium Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Land use/land cover mapping, utility mapping, GIS Application Development, Natural Resource Management.http://www.podiuminfotech.comDelhi
PureSynth Technologies pvt ltd Spatial data collection, data compilations, data analysis.http://www.puresynth.comDelhi
Redan Geomatics CAD/GIS Mapping, Surveying, Remote Sensing,Orthophoto, Cadastral/Parcel Mapping, Topographical mapping.http://www.redan.inDelhi
RK IT Solutions GIS, Golf Mapping, Photogrammetry, LIDAR & Orhto-photo.
SGS InfoTech GIS, CAD, LIDAR & photogrammetric mapping firm. http://www.sgsinfotech.comDelhi
Shakti Consulting & Solutions Pvt Ltd Data collection, data migration, digitisation and networking, Mapping, land survey, cadastral survey, utility survey and mapping. http://www.shakticonsulting.inDelhi
Skylabs Solution India Pvt. Ltd. Land Information System, Remote Sensing, Vehicle Tracking System, Taxi Dispatch, Ambulance Management and Mobile Application.http://www.skylabstech.comDelhi
Spa Geo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Geo Spatial Engineering/Engineering Design and IT consultancy.
Spatial Decisions GIS, Remote Sensing, and IT applications.http://www.spatialdecisions.comDelhi
Universal Geoinformatics GIS and Remote Sensing Solution in Cadastral/Parcel Mapping, Thematic mapping, Image Processing, DEM & DTM generation, Watershed Analysis, Landuse/Landcover mapping. http://www.universalgeoinformatics.comDelhi
Vector Head Info Solutions GIS, AECO, and IT data processing & production services.
Verbatim Research Service Pvt Ltd GIS & Image Processing.http://www.vrspl.comDelhi
VS Geospatial Technologies Private Ltd Data Conversion, Creation & Migration. GIS Mapping.http://vsgeospatialtechnologies.comDelhi
Weaverbird Engineering and Technology (P) Ltd. GIS, CAD, LIDAR and Photogrammetry and Engineering Services.http://www.weavertec.comDelhi
Weston Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd. GIS, environmental, engineering design and knowledge management services.http://www.westonsolutions.comDelhi
GeoEPC Management Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Geospatial Audit, Land Information Systems, Redevelopment & Rehabilitation, e-Municipality, High Scale-High Accuracy Mapping products etc. http://www.geoepc.comGandhinagar
Geogrand Consultancy Services GIS and Utility Sector.
Nplussolution GIS and Survey services like application, web apps, software development. http://www.nplussolution.comGandhinagar
Aum Techmantra GIS Solutions, Topographic Mapping, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, LIDAR, CAD, and Web Mapping Solutions http://www.aumtechmantra.comGondia
COWI India Pvt. Ltd. Photogrammetry, remote sensing, software solutions, 2D mapping and GIS applications. http://www.cowi.comGondia
Global Konnect Aviation Services Pvt LtdAviation, Aerial Survey & GIS requirements. http://www.globalkonnectair.comGondia
IGeomaps Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  GIS Mapping, Remote Sensing & Image Processing, Photogrammetric Mapping, Data Conversion & Entry, Surveying.http://www.igeomaps.inGondia
Infodart Technologies India Limited CAD/GIS Mapping, Surveying, Remote Sensing, Cadastral/Parcel Mapping. GPS & DGPS Survey.http://www.infodartindia.comGondia
Lepton Software Export & Research Pvt. Ltd. Location Intelligence solutions & GIS.http://www.leptonsoftware.comGondia
Pan India Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Thematic & Topographical mapping, surveying. Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GPS, LIDAR and GIS.http://www.panindiagroup.comGondia
Precise Geomatics GPS/DGPS hardware & surveys, Photogrammetry and GIS mapping services, CAD Drafting and raster/paper to vector Conversion. http://www.precisiongeomatics.comGondia
Tridex Solutions 3D LIDAR/Laser scanning services. http://www.tridexsolution.comGondia
VAInd Technologies Pvt. Ltd GIS Solutions.http://www.vaindtech.comGondia
Aum Techmantra Geospatial services including GIS Solutions, Topographic Mapping, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, CAD, and Web Mapping Solutions
COWI India Pvt. Ltd. Services in photogrammetry, remote sensing, software solutions, 2D mapping and GIS applications.
GeoAlgoProvides platform for village level data like location intelligence and demographics. http://www.geoalgo.comGurgaon
IGeomaps Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  An ISO 9001:2008 certified company and providing Geospatial Services. Offers GIS Mapping, Remote Sensing & Image Processing,Photogrammetric Mapping, Data Conversion / Data Entry, Surveying through ETS, GPS and DGPS.
Infodart Technologies India Limited Provides services & solutions in the field of CAD/GIS Mapping, Surveying, Remote Sensing, Cadastral/Parcel Mapping. Working GPS & DGPS Survey.
Lepton Software Export & Research Pvt. Ltd. Provides Location Intelligence solutions. GIS across all Industry verticals through digital maps.
Pan India Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Offers services in Thematic mapping,Topographical mapping,surveying and spatial data analysis using the 'state-of-the-art' technology of Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GPS, LIDAR and Geographical Information System(GIS).
Precise Geomatics Deals in station and GPS/DGPS surveys, Photogrammetry and GIS mapping services, CAD Drafting and raster/paper to vector Conversion services. http://
SGSInfotech Services in photogrammetric mapping, CAD drafting firm specializing in providing Photogrammetry, GIS and CAD and Software Solutions.
Tata Consultancy ServicesGIS project serviceshttp://www.tcs.comGurgaon
Tridex Solutions Provides 3D LiDAR/Laser scanning services using our patented AwardWinning"Real Life3D Technology" (RL3D) .
En-Geo Consultancy and Research Centre Complete range of Geospatial services.http://www.engecorc.comGuwahati
Techinfra Solutions Map Digitization and Utilities Services in GIS.http://www.techinfra.inHisar
IIRMR GIS Services & Trainining.http://www.iirmr.orgHowrah
Kadet Defence Systems Mapping, survey, inspection using unmanned vehicles.http://www.kadet-uav.comHowrah
Tajuk Technologies Pvt Ltd GIS Services.http://www.ttplt.inHowrah
Aditya Geoinfo Solutions Photogrammetry, GIS, Remote sensing, Ortho photo, LIDAR and Surveying http://www.adityageoinfo.comHyderabad
Aim Solutions  GIS, Engineering, Remote sensing and LIDAR.http://www.aim-solutions.inHyderabad
Amigo Optima Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Remote Sensing and Image Processing, Hyperspectral imaging, GIS Applications & Photogrammetry.http://www.amigooptima.comHyderabad
Apex Advanced Technology GIS and Engineering Data serviceshttp://www.apexadvancedtech.comHyderabad
Asman Software Solutions Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Application Migration, Web GIS, Mobile and GIS etc. http://www.asmansoft.comHyderabad
Bharat Associates & Consultancy Surveying, Electrical Route Alignment Survey, Topographical Survey, Asset Mapping, Street Networking Mapping.http://www.bharat-associates.comHyderabad
Cadsys (India) Limited Data Conversion, Migration, Fiber Design & Mapping. AM/FM Mapping inTelecom,Utilities,Gas & Electric.http://www.cadsystech.comHyderabad
Coord Technologies GIS, CAD and Engineering Solutions.http://www.coordtech.comHyderabad
Dale Technologies Pvt Ltd Photogrammetry (Aerial/Satellite), LIDAR, 3D Modeling, Digital Orthography, GIS and Surveying.http://www.dale-technologies.comHyderabad
Earth Spatial SolutionsGIS Solutionshttp://earthspatialsolutions.comHyderabad
Fast Forward Technologies (FFT) GIS Consultancy, WebGIS, Survey & Mapping, Spatial Data Services, Business GIS. http://www.fastforwardtechnologies.comHyderabad
Geo InfoSpace Pvt. Ltd. Photogrammetry, 2nd generation orthophotography, cadastral mapping, LIDAR and 3-D image modeling. http://www.geoinfospace.comHyderabad
Geo Mapping Solutions Photogrammetry, LIDAR, GIS and 2D Mapping.
Geokno India Pvt. Ltd.Spin off from IIT Kanpur promoted by the faculty members and young researchers from Geo-informatics Laboratory.http://www.geokno.comHyderabad
GeosensorsImports and supplies geospatial productshttp://www.geosensors.inHyderabad
Geosoft Technologies GIS, GPS, RS, CAD & LBS. http://geosofttech.weebly.comHyderabad
Geosys Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Environmental, Information Technology, and Interactive Media & Graphics Services.
Geotrax International Services Services in Surveying, Mappinp, GIS & Photogrammetry. http://www.geotraxintl.comHyderabad
GeoVista Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Geospatial primary data collection. http://www.geovista.inHyderabad
GIS Labs Remote Sensing, GIS Training, Surveys, Land Information Management, Healthcare, Energy, etc.http://www.gislabs.inHyderabad
Graben Technologies Limited Geospatial & engineering service.http://www.grabentech.comHyderabad
Hexonix Technologies Surveying. GIS and Engineering solutions. http://www.hexonix.comHyderabad
Infoterrainmapping Photogrammetry, LIDAR & GIS.http://www.infoterrainmapping.comHyderabad
InfoVision Solutions Conversion, Scanning, Raster Cleaning & Editing, and Digitization of Maps. http://www.infovs.inHyderabad
IN-RIMT GIS, Remote sensing and Photogrammetry.http://www.inrimt.comHyderabad
Integrated Geo Instruments & Services Private Ltd. (IGIS)Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Geophysical Instrumentshttp://www.igisindia.comHyderabad
IPage UM Services Pvt Ltd Drone Aerial Surveys, Aerial Imagery, Mapping.http://www.ipageums.comHyderabad
iSpatial Techno SolutionsGeospatial Solutionshttp://www.ispatialtec.comHyderabad
KAIINOS Geospatial Technologies Pvt Ltd Integrated solution development in GIS and Remote Sensing. http://www.kaiinos.comHyderabad
L1 TechnologiesUtility, Telecom, Vehicle Tracking, Navigation, LBS, etc. Off-the-Shelf Maps of India. Navigable Maps to Postcodes. http://www.L1technologies.comHyderabad
LastMile IT Systems Geospatial Technology Solutions and Data Management Services. http://www.lastmileitsystems.comHyderabad
Luckey GPS Location AppsGIS\GPS solutions.http://www.itoolz.inHyderabad
Mactosoft Private limited GIS, Engineering, Remote sensing and LIDAR technology. http://www.mactosoft.comHyderabad
Mapsol Geospatial Solutions Private Limited GIS consulting, research, development and training.http://www.mapsolgeo.comHyderabad
Naksha Consulting Group Urban Planners, Surveyors and Cartographers. http://www.naksha.orgHyderabad
National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC ISRO)The Centre is responsible for remote sensing satellite data acquisition and processing, data dissemination, aerial remote sensing and decision support for disaster management
Navyuga Geospatial Pvt. LtdCAD, GIS, Remote Sensing, Survey, Software & Hardware Sales, Services & Training.http://www.navayugaspatial.comHyderabad
Nectar Engineering and Software Solutions (NESS) GIS and Photogrammetry http://www.nectarsoft.inHyderabad
Quantum Asia Conversion, Mapping, Digital Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Rectification of Orthophotographs, Application Development.http://www.quantumasia.inHyderabad
Ragvasant Engineering And Consultancy Services GIS, Remote sensing and GPS solutions, Surveying and Environmental consultancy. http://www.ragvasantgroup.comHyderabad
Redbay UAVEnd to end solutions provider in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle spacehttp://www.redbayuav.comHyderabad
Remote Sensing Instruments Remote Sensing Instruments.http://www.rsi.bzHyderabad
RL Techno Solutions GIS Consultancy, WebGIS, Survey & Mapping, Spatial Data Services, Business GIS. GPS and Vehicle Tracking Solutions
RS Geoinformatics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Planimetric mapping, topographical mapping, orthophoto process, LIDAR data classfication & 2D conversion. http://www.rsgeoinformatics.comHyderabad
RSI Softech India Pvt. Ltd. GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS hardware and software products and services.http://www.rsisoftech.comHyderabad
SATRA I-Man Pvt Ltd GIS, GPS Applications, Surveying, Location Based Services, Vehicle Tracking.http://www.satra-iman.comHyderabad
Shotam Instruments Pvt. Ltd.Distributor of land surveying, aerial surveying and marine surveying instrumentshttp://www.shotaminstruments.comHyderabad
Skyline APL Urban Planning, GIS and Traffic & Transportation. http://www.skylineinfra.comHyderabad
Smart Search Solutions GIS Solutionshttp://www.smartsearchsolutions.inHyderabad
Spatial Solutions GIS and IT services.http://www.essgeo.comHyderabad
Speck systems Ltd. GIS solutions for Defence. Digital mapping, cartography.http://www.specksystems.comHyderabad
Sumadhura Geomatica Pvt. Ltd. GIS driven engineering consultancy.http://www.sumadhura.comHyderabad
Tecdatum GIS, Remote Sensing, surveys & application development. http://www.tecdatum.inHyderabad
Transglobalgeomatics Mapping and Utilities Services in GIS.http://www.transglobalgeomatics.comHyderabad
Vajra Infratech GPS.http://www.vajrainfratech.comHyderabad
VAS Technologies Map digitalization and Man power Supply.http://www.vastechno.comHyderabad
Vector Geospatial Services Pvt Ltd GIS, Software Development.http://vectorgeospatial.comHyderabad
Verso Technical Solutions GIS applications development, standalone application and web /mobile GIS integration.http://www.versosoft.comHyderabad
Vision Lab Turnkey Geographic & Land Information System Projects. Remote Sensing Applications. http://www.visionlabs-india.comHyderabad
Vivid Geospatial Services (VGS)  Photogrammetry and LIDAR mapping.http://www.vividgeospatial.comHyderabad
VS Geospatial Pvt. Ltd. GIS, Remotesensing, Digital Photogrammetry, LIDAR And DGPS Survey. http://www.vsgeospatialtechnologies.comHyderabad
Tajuk Technologies Pvt Ltd An ISO 9001:2015 and 270001 certified is based company in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.
IIRMR Service provider and training institute in the field of Geography, Geoinformatics (Remote Sensing & GIS) , Environmental Management and Natural Resource Management in India.
Magendhiran Consultancy Services GIS & Remote Sensing.http://www.mcsmapping.comKanchipuram
Digital Geo Solution GIS , Remote Sensing, Surveying & Data Conversion.http://www.digitalgeo.inKanpur
Prinav GIS Technologies Pvt Ltd GIS & Surveying.http://www.prinavgis.comKanpur
Geovision Infocom Pvt. Ltd. GIS & Remote Sensing.
Gis Earth Solution GIS Application Development, GeoSpatial Data Modeling & Geodatabase Design, GIS Software Implementation. http://www.gisearthmapping.comKolhapur
Gyan Geomatic Services Pvt. Ltd. Digitization, Mapping, Remote Sensing, Survey. Electrical Distribution Network, Municipal, E-Governance, etc.http://www.gyangeomatics.comKolhapur
Kadum Infosys Mapping.http://www.kaduminfosys.comKolhapur
MCS Geotech Pvt. Ltd. GIS Products and Services. http://www.mcsgeotech.comKolhapur
Medhaj Techno Concept Pvt. Ltd. GIS & Remote Sensing, Survey. Supply of hardware & software.http://www.medhaj.comKolhapur
Natural Resources Management Geomatics GIS Mapping, Remote Sensing, GPS, DGPS & Total Station Survey. Software development. Training, Research and consultancy.  http://www.nrmgeo.comKolhapur
Prithvi TechGIS Solutions and serviceshttp://www.prithvitech.comKolhapur
Surve Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Remote sensing & GIS applications. Image processing, GPS / GIS data survey and mapping, application development.http://www.surveindia.comKolhapur
Terra Info Vision Pvt Ltd Full range of GIS services to satisfy all information need for spatial planning & Managementhttp://www.orbterrainfovision.comKolhapur
CES Technology Pvt. Ltd. Digitization of cadastral maps.http://www.ctecglobal.inKolkata
CSS GeoSpatial Data conversion, application development, modeling, analytics, and consulting. http://www.cssgeo.comKolkata
CyberSWIFT Infotech Pvt. Ltd. GIS,Remote Sensing, Software Development and Data Management solutions.http://www.cyber-swift.comKolkata
DigitalIndian Business Solutions Pvt Ltd GIS services.http://www.digitalindian.orgKolkata
Electrical Measuring Instruments GIS and RS software sales & support.http://www.emi-infotech.comKolkata
Geomaticx Scientific Technology Services Pvt Ltd GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS Survey & Web Development.http://www.geomaticx.comKolkata
Geotech Solution GIS, Remote Sensing, Auto CAD drawings, Web-GIS & surveys like GPS, DGPS, Auto Level, Total Station etc. http://www.geotechsolution.orgKolkata
Gold Technia Pvt Ltd. GIS, Remote Sensing. Land Information Management, Energy/Utility, Telecom, Web GIS and Enterprise GIS.  http://www.goldtechnia.comKolkata
Last Peak Data Pvt. Ltd. Data Collection & Surveying. Digital mapping & cartography, Utility Mapping, Web-GIS creation.http://www.lastpeak.comKolkata
NTRSG Ltd. CAD & GIS Production. Training Cum Placement.http://www.ntrsg.webs.comKolkata
Opsis System Pvt Ltd GIS & IP software for Photogrammetry & Radar solution.http://www.opsis-system.comKolkata
PCI Software Pvt Ltd GIS services.http://www.pciindia.netKolkata
R.T. Networks Solution Pvt. Ltd. GIS and GPS Survey and Digitization work.  http://www.rtns.inKolkata
SkyMap Global Geospatial solutions & services. http://www.skymapglobal.comKolkata
Softa Geotechnical Private Limited Topographical, hydrographical, underground, utility, LIDAR, cadastral, seismic, GPS/GDPS survey.http://www.softageo.comKolkata
Stesalit Point Cloud & LIDAR Processing, Remote Sensing, Legacy Data Conversion, Digital Mapping and Cartography. http://www.stesalit.inKolkata
Techmaplus Info Services Pvt. Ltd. GIS and mapping for Municipalities, Utilities, oil pipelines, coal mines, Geophysical prospecting, etc. http://www.techmaplus.comKolkata
Techspatial Services Pvt. Ltd. GIS and Remote Sensing solutions. http://www.techspatialservices.comKolkata
Zymax Technologies GIS, Image Processing, Digital Photogremetry and Surveying.  http://www.zymaxtech.comKolkata
Natural Resources Management Geomatics GIS Mapping, Remote Sensing,working with GPS, DGPS & Total Station Survey. Cadastral survey/Re-survey, Cadastral/Parcel Mapping, Topographic Land Survey and Mapping,Data conversion EIA and All types of utility management. Web GIS,software development Assets Survey mapping, data management, record data management, maintenance services, staff training, corporate training, Research and Institution consultancy.
Prithvi TechGIS Solutions and services
Atlaspoint Tech Pvt Ltd GIS data and consultancy.http://www.atlaspoint.inMangalore
Golden Globe Technologies  Aerial Triangulation, compilation, Cartography, Orthophoto, LIDAR processing and photogrammetry.http://www.goldenglobetech.comMeerut
MAK Geo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. GIS, Photogrammetry, GPS, Survey, LIDAR, Satellite Images, Open GIS Development, 3D City Modelling, Surveying Instrument etc. http://www.makgeotech.comMidnapore
Aadi Ideology Services Private Limited Geospatial software solutions, Telematics based products, Fleet Management solutions, Security Surveillance system.  http://www.aadiideology.inMumbai
Bhugol GIS Pvt Ltd GIS GRAM++. Spatial database design and data conversion. Interpretation of remote sensing data and turnkey projects. http://www.bhugolgis.comMumbai
Geoconsultants India Services Surveying and digital mapping, Geodatabase creation, conversion and migration. Solution development, photogrammetry. http://www.geoconsultantsindia.comMumbai
Globolive 3DGIS Software Services
Megavision Technologies Pvt Ltd GIS, Photogrammetry, Web Based Mapping Solutions, GPS, Raster to Vector Conversion, 3D & VRML. http://www.megtech.comMumbai
Paltej Architects Digitisation, spatial analysis, terrain modelling, data conversion.http://www.paltejarchitects.inMumbai
Proxima Geospatial Services LLP Urban & Regional Plan, Development Plan, Cadastral Map Creation, DEM, DTM Data Creation, LIDAR Data Classification. http://www.proximageo.comMumbai
Toyo Computers Pvt. Ltd. Geospatial Data capture and conversion. http://www.gis-cad.comMumbai
Aditi Infotech IT solutions in the geoscientific field.http://www.aditiinfotech.orgNagpur
Airbus Defence & SpaceGeospatial content buildershttp://www.intelligence-airbusds.comNagpur
Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd. GIS Services.http://www.equinoxsystems.usNagpur
Micronet SolutionsGeospatial content buildershttp://www.micronetsolutions.inNagpur
Micronet Solutions GIS and Remote Sensing Applications. Resource, landuse and urban infrastructure mapping.http://www.micronetsolutions.inNagpur
Sapphire Geoconsultants Interpretative geological mapping, structural mapping, mineral potential zone mapping, preparation of geological reports.http://www.sapphiregeoconsultants.inNagpur
Spatial Earth GIS & Remote Sensing.http://www.spatialearth.comNagpur
Spatial Earth Geographical Information System (GIS) & Remote Sensing technologies in work.
AABSys GIS, CAD and software services.http://www.aabsys.comNoida
Adroitec Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.CAD, CAM, Geomatics and GIS Services.http://www.adroitecinfo.comNoida
AKS Software Pvt. Ltd.Transport, Banking, e-Governance, ID, Agriculture, Cross Loyalty, etc.http://www.aksamity.comNoida
Chadha Project Services Survey and Mapping, GIS, Soil Investigation.http://www.chadhaprojectservices.comNoida
DeimosimagingSatellite imagery providerhttp://www.deimos-imaging.comNoida
GeoMaxGPS/GNSS instruments, software, lasers, optical and digital levels and accessorieshttp://www.geomax-positioning.comNoida
Promaps GIS solutions.http://www.promapcorp.comNoida
Ramtech GIS Services.http://www.ramtech-corp.comNoida
Ridings Consulting Engineers India Private LimitedSurveying, GIS Application Development, Digital Data Generation, Map Updating RS Data.http://www.ridingsindia.comNoida
Rudrabhishek Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. GIS Data Management, Mapping service, Land Data Management, Surveying.http://www.replinfosys.comNoida
Sankon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.Authorized Distributors and Service Centre in INDIA for M/s Trimble Navigation India Pvt Ltd http://www.sankon.inNoida
UrthecastGIS and Mapping (software and solution), earth-imaging system, geospatial analysis
V. S Engineering & Geospatial Consultants GIS solutions, consulting & training in Utility, Power, Gas, Telecom Sector.http://www.vsgeospatialtechnologies.comNoida
VedaIQ Academy Training.http://www.vedaiq.comNoida
Arianrhod GeoSpatial Solutions Pvt Ltd. GIS Solutions
Geospoc GIS for Urban Planning, Architects, Travel and Tourism. http://www.geospoc.comPune
GIS APP Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd GIS Solutions.http://www.gisappco.comPune
Hardcastle GIS Solutions Pvt Ltd GIS , Remote Sensing , Photogrammetry , Mapping , LBS.http://www.hardcastlegis.comPune
Mantra Geosolutions GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS, Surveying Software and Hardware.
Maptoss Technologies Pvt Ltd Consultancy for Utility Network like Gas, Water, Electricity and Telecom. Development on Open source GIS API. GIS over Cloud. http://www.maptoss.comPune
Naagar GIS Consultancy in Remote Sensing and GIS Mapping, Survey (Topography, Property) and Analysis.http://www.naagargis.comPune
Pratham Geoinfosoft Pvt Ltd Online GIS Systems and hybrid integrated GIS applications with MIS and ERP systems.http://www.prathamgeoinfosoft.comPune
Schnell Informatics Private Limited GIS based services.http://www.schnellinformatics.comPune
Transform GIS Solutions GIS (Opensource & Proprietary), LIDAR survey, GPS, DGPS, Total station survey. Mobile & Web Applications.http://www.transformgis.comPune
Zenith Consultants GPS, Total Station Survey, GIS, RemoteSensing.http://www.zenithsurvey.comPune
Learn Nature Consultants GIS Survey, Map preparation, GIS Data Website publishing, CAD Design, DPR and Master planning.http://www.lncindia.comRaipur
Social Action for Rurual DevelopmentForest mapping and cadastral level planning and mapping. http://www.sardaindia.orgRamgarh (Jharkhand)
Geovertices Technologies Pvt Ltd GIS solution & IT services.http://www.geovertices.comRanchi
Micro ITG India Ltd GIS and Remote sensing based Mapping, DGPS / ETS survey. Image processing and Radar Survey.http://www.mitgindia.comRanchi
Ansari Precision Instruments Pvt. Ltd.A professionally supported group of engineers, surveyors, and software professionals, providing software solutions in the field of GIS & LIS, engineering applications and graphical applicationshttp://www.apiroter.comRoorkee
Fly2SpotGIS services & solutions in Software & web development. http://www.fly2spot.comSalem
Prantik Care the Earth Natural resource Management & Sustainable Socio-economic Development, Education & Mass Literacy using Remote Sensing & Geospatial technology. http://www.prantikcaretheearth.orgSantiniketan
Aaryaman Geo Info Solution Pvt. Ltd.GIS and Remote Sensing Softwarehttp://www.aaryamangeo.infoSecunderabad
Himalayan Association for Research & InnovationGIS /WEBGIS & GPS related consultancy.http://www.hafri.inShimla
Centre for GeoInformation Technology Digital Mapping Services, Training programs, Consultancy Services, Academic Projects, Awareness Programs.
Hemminger DMS Private LimitedCAD-Digitizing, 3D-Modeling, BIM, Mapping (AM/FM) and Laser-Scanning services.http://www.hemminger-dms.comThrissur
Centre for Advanced Remote Sensing and Environmental Studies GIS in Agriculture, Forestry, Urban, Rural development, Coastal zone management, Climatic changes, Water resource management, Disaster management, etc.http://www.mapcare.orgTrivandrum
Exalt Integral Solutions GIS Solutions and serviceshttp://www.exaltplc.comTrivandrum
Geotrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd. GIS and IT services. http://www.geotranstech.comTrivandrum
GeoVin Solutions (P) Ltd. Consulting for natural resources, Environment, Geomatics, GIS and related aspects to Academic (Universities, Colleges, Schools etc), R&D institutions. http://www.geovinsolutions.comTrivandrum
PAN Environ India GIS, Web and mobile applications, Vehicle tracking, Total Station & DGPS Survey, data conversion, Geology Consultancy.http://www.panenviron.comTrivandrum
Strava Technologies (P)Ltd GeoInformatics, GeoWeb based information's including surveying and mapping with custom applications. http://www.stravatechnologies.inTrivandrum
Udaipur Min-Tech Pvt. Ltd. Specialized services in the areas of Environment, Mining and Laboratory service.http://www.udrmintech.comUdaipur
Satellite Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Land survey. Land use. Property Verification and Ownership authorization. http://www.sipl.infoVadodara
SKP Projects Pvt. Ltd.  Surveying services.http://www.skpprojects.comVadodara
Equalarcs Technologies Pvt Ltd Spatial data, spatial planning and GIS services. http://www.equalarcs.comVishakhapatnam
Geosis Technologies GIS and Remote Sensing. Training. http://www.geosistechnologies.comVishakhapatnam