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Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) – the common voice of the Indian Geospatial Industry.

Several stakeholders of the Indian geospatial industry were making efforts since the late 1980s to come together as a united body. In 2009, leading geospatial companies in the country joined hands to set up the Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) of India.

The major objectives of the association are to identify and address common concerns and interests of Indian geospatial industry, raise societal awareness about importance and usage of geospatial technologies, ensure a conducive policy environment, represent the Indian geospatial industry at international platforms, facilitate interactions and discussions among various stakeholders of the Indian geospatial industry and last but not least, develop and design common minimum standards and ethics to be followed while conducting business.

Through this association, the Indian geospatial industry has a unique platform to promote the technology not only to the government, but to other user segments as well. AGI organizes events, seminars and other activities that aim to encourage the usage of geospatial technologies in India. The body also acts as a sounding board to assimilate feedback from the users in order to develop more user-friendly products, technologies and services.